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Let's discuss ways we can work together to help you and your team to support vulnerable children in Milton Keynes. We are proud to have such a thriving supportive business community in MK.

We can provide you with your own fundraising links for traceable fundraising for your organisation. We'll give you supporter assets for your email signatures and websites, and volunteering opportunites for your team to so that you can see how we operate and where your money goes. There will also be some key fundraising opportunities throughout the year to help children in the community.  


Does your generous employer allow time for charitable volunteering? We host packing parties for up to 5 volunteers at a time. Packing a Meals box is like a personality test - it's a great team building activity to see how you each process this not so simple task. And in a couple of hours, you can do a LOT of good for children in MK.

We are supported by

We have received ongoing support, donations and volunteer support from the following organisations:


Arts1 Ltd

WSA Communications Agency

Prominent Media Ltd

EY Maths - Karen Wilding Education

Little Big Kids

David Lock Associates

The Mortgage Advice Bureau

Window Pains

John Lewis Magna Park

Network Rail


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