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Prayer is a mystery at the heart of the way of Jesus. It is a sort part of being a disciple. It is profound and complex yet also childlike in simplicity and joy-filled in its accessibility. It changes things around us. It changes us. It changes God. It changes nothing. It is a conversation between friends, a passionate plea of the hurting and worried, a last-chance-saloon for the desperate, a spontaneous outburst and age-old-liturgy. It is whispered and yelled. At its best it is honest and familiar but it cant be used to show off and play at religion. It forms the centre piece of public worship and is the social point of personal devotion. It is all these things and more. And, (honestly) it is hard!

Because of all these truths we believe that the wonder of prayer should not be a thing anyone wrestles with on their own. It is best enjoyed with others, as part of community, as part of a rhythm, and with great variety. The resources below are to help you. Use them as a starting point, as inspiration to find a practice of prayer which best connects your soul to God.