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The invitation to follow Jesus is the beginning of the adventure. The quest is then to figure out what it looks like to be a person of faith, peace and love while also a student, employee, parent, child or monk. 

There are 4 areas we think each disciple benefits from being involved with. Each will help you grow as a disciple. Check out the details of each below...most people feel ambivalent about two, excited about one and hate the other - but growth towards spiritual maturity demands a well-rounded approach to life. 

It's not a spectator sport

Any disciple who spends time developing an awareness of the guiding presence of God, who grows in Christlikeness through the encouragement of a CarShare, and who invests in a worshipping community will also be compelled to discover an Arena. 

Christainity is not a spectator sport where we watch others or professionals do all the work. Neither is it a passive existence which exists only in meditations or on the pages of books. No. following Jesus is active, adventurous, exciting. Each of us is gifted skills, abilities and dreams. Each of us finds ourselves drawn to somewhere, someone or something with a desire to help, to restore and to renew. This is our Arena; a great playing field for each of us to be involved in the expression of grace.

Our arena as a church is to involve ourselves in eradicating child poverty and supporting survivors of abuse. Each of us is also invited by Jesus to step into our own areas and love others too...what does yours look like? 

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