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You might be a seasoned runner, or a complete beginner - it doesn't matter. By signing up for a running event and raising money for St Mark's Meals you can run whatever race you like knowing that every £1 you raise helps to prevent local children from going hungry. That's a pretty good motivator to lace up your running shoes. 


Rather than spending our money on hundreds of marathon charity places, which may or may not get used up, we ask our brilliant runners (that's you!) to register for whatever event you want to (whether in Milton Keynes or Machu Picchu!) and then create a fundraising page and tell the world what you're up to.


Click 'find a race' below to see what's on in MK, book your place and then set up your fundraising page.  

We'd love to cheer you on, so as soon as you have registered for an event, email us at and let us know. We will help publicise your fundraising page, shout about you on our socials and, because you're brilliant, give you a free Meals T-Shirt to inspire your training and fundraising. 

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