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From the beginning, the church has been at its best sharing food around tables, making room for guests, mopping up spilled drinks and discussing life and faith in between mouthfuls. 

If you pop your head into a St Marks gathering, unless something has gone horribly wrong, we are more likely to be sat round tables than in rows. We will spend more time getting to know each other than singing songs, and will encourage everyone to have their say on the topic of the day.

Our aims are,

  • To grow in faith (understanding that is not always straight-forward)
  • To grow hope in the lives of those who don't feel any
  • To display love to all people.

We don't own a building, so check out the calendar to find out where we are and what we are up to...and come join in soon! Kids and noise are welcome, but please leave your pets at home.  


There are lots of people who are all totally indispensable to the St Marks Village. The most important one will be whoever says hi and helps you to coffee when you arrive. 

We are an Anglican Church, so have a vicar (Paul), some trustees (currently Jon & Alex), some staff (Becky, Angie, Rachel & Jo), and then a bucket load of other heroes who commit time, wisdom, ideas and creativity to the gang. Nothing happens without the involvement of a group of disciples, and we are proud to try and keep as flat a structure as possible.

That said, let's be clear, if something goes wrong, then it is Paul's fault. 


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