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Welcome to St Marks! I am so glad that you made it this far. 

Normally I would have invited you to come and hang out with us at one of our gatherings some time soon…but there is nothing ‘normal’ about this moment is there?!

One of our beliefs at St Marks is that life, faith, fear, joy…are all best worked out together. Community is important. Conversation and connection are, it turns out, more vital than perhaps we knew. 

So while the world is standing on its head, we are committed to lives which connect to the peace and joy of God, to giving hope to those who are struggling, and to showing love to everyone that we can.

If you suddenly find yourself scared of tomorrow, or in need of some connection, or wondering why stillness is so difficult, or if you need a laugh, or fancy having lunch with some other people…click on the ‘Join in’ button and find out more – it will always be better with you involved! 

Hope to see you soon!






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