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A building is made of bricks, a cake is made of eggs and flour, a sausage is made from…er…who knows?…but importantly for this analogy, a church is made of people!
St Mark’s is a group of people having fun while trying to squeeze the most out of life and exploring faith. Some of us call ourselves Christians, some of us call ourselves interested onlookers, and one guy even calls himself the Vicar.

We meet in a bunch of places throughout the week, sometimes for ‘church’, sometimes for prayer, sometimes for a drink and other times just for the heck of it. You should totally come too. It’s for people who are wondering or worshipping, full of faith or full of doubt, introverts and extroverts…you should totally come along. 

Surf the site to suss us out more or just pitch up to one of the weekly gatherings. See you soon. 

Coming Up

Christmas Clothes Sunday Gathering at MK College, Silbury Blvd.


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