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A building is made of bricks and bolts, a cake is made of eggs and flour, fish and chips is made of, well. Fish. And chips. And a church is made of people! St Mark’s is a group of people having fun while travelling through life and exploring faith. Some of us would call ourselves Christians, some of us would call ourselves interested onlookers, and one guy even calls himself the Vicar.

We meet in a bunch of places throughout the week, sometimes for ‘church’, sometimes for prayer, sometimes for a drink and other times just for the heck of it. You should totally come too. It’s for people who are wondering or worshipping, full of faith or full of doubt, introverts and extroverts…you should totally come along. 

Check out the diary for all that’s coming up soon or just pitch up to one of the weekly gatherings. See you soon. 




light shines in the darkness, and the darkness cannot overcome it

We support two amazing charities based in MK and we are doing our little bit too. Click for more info on them or contact us if you want to know more.


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This week we are reading through the book of ‘Ecclesiastes’ This is part of the Wisdom Literature in the middle of the Bible. This clip is really helpful in understanding what the dickens is going on!…

At our carols this Christmas, instead of taking a collection for ourselves, we decided a much more Christmassy thing to do was to buy a sheep for a family who need one! “Who needs a sheep?” we hear you ask? Well…the beautiful people at Pre-Emptive Love provide sheep for displaced families across the middle east. […]

We are kicking off the new year with by reading through the book of James in the New Testament. Watch this short video below to give you an overview of this little book of dynamite – it will also help you sound as though you have read it and understood it, even if you haven’t!

This Sunday we are back together again for our first gathering of 2018. Doors open at 10am with coffee and diet-friendly pastries served till 10:30 when we kick off. Hope to see you there – ware something you got for Christmas!  

One of our Junior St Marks gang was messing around with lego recently and accidentally created this little master-piece! He is so talented it makes us sick!  

At our Carols last night we unleashed the Christmas Sheep! Instead of a collection, we decided to try and buy a sheep for a displaced family in the middle east. It is a source of warmth, clothing, food and money to the family who has lost everything, so please give if you are able. Click […]

Over the last year we have all been collecting our pennies so that we could give them away this Christmas and help make the festive season a special one for a few people we have heard about and made friends with. Here are a couple of the films from our Carol Service showing you what […]

This Sunday we are gathering for one of our newest traditions – Church Christmas Letters! Write a note to the rest of the gang letting them know just how important they are to you and what they have meant to you over the year. Encourage them and share how you have grown this year. If […]

Yesterday we welcomed 177 guests to 3 venues across MK and our team cooked up a fantastic lunch. Oh…and we had a visit from Environmental Health who gave us the top mark! Thanks to everyone who served / cooked / chatted / washed-up / prayed / gave money – we couldn’t do it without you! […]

This weekend we are trying to fill a day with prayer for St Marks. Wherever you are, if you can carve out an hour into your schedule, you can download a prayer guide, or watch a prayer walk (with worship, Bible readings and prayer pointers) to help you pray for our church. If you sense […]


Here is your St Mark’s Media channel – containing pretty much everything we have ever pointed a camera at.
If you miss a Sunday and want to catch up with what went down, or if you want to view the intro to this week’s Discipleship group theme, or if you want to see the latest video news snippets, this is the place for you.
If you want funny videos of squirrels falling into Coke cans while riding skateboards…head over to youtube.

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  • Festival Action Replay

    Festival Action Replay

    Media, News

  • Not a Christian?

    Not a Christian?

    Disciple Theme, Media, Sunday

  • Look After Little Jonny

    Look After Little Jonny

    Disciple Theme, Media, Sunday

  • An ‘If, a ‘What’ and a Blind Guy

    An ‘If, a ‘What’ and a Blind Guy

    Disciple Theme, Media, Sunday

  • Uncontained


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  • Trees That Grow Fruit

    Trees That Grow Fruit

    Disciple Theme, Media, Sunday

  • Party People

    Party People

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  • Jesus Isn’t PG

    Jesus Isn’t PG

    Disciple Theme, Media, Sunday

  • Acts 1 – The start of the Journey

    Acts 1 – The start of the Journey

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  • Acts 1 (Bible Project)

    Acts 1 (Bible Project)

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  • Carols This Sunday!

    Carols This Sunday!

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  • Disciple Theme, Media, Sunday

  • Teaching CatchUp

    Teaching CatchUp

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  • Big Dates

    Big Dates

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  • Top Table

    Top Table

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  • Old Faithful

    Old Faithful

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  • Ducks and Psalms

    Ducks and Psalms

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  • Weekend Info

    Weekend Info

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  • Jesus and Marshmallows

    Jesus and Marshmallows

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  • Finding Joy

    Finding Joy

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  • Quick Couple of Things

    Quick Couple of Things

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  • Get Some Peace!

    Get Some Peace!

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  • Love uses Protection

    Love uses Protection

    Disciple Theme, Media, News

  • Tenacious Love

    Tenacious Love

    Disciple Theme, Media, Sunday

  • Quick Catch-Up

    Quick Catch-Up

    Media, News, Sunday

  • Bitesize: The Potter

    Bitesize: The Potter

    Media, Sunday

  • Evening News 14th Jan

    Evening News 14th Jan

    Media, News

  • Even If

    Even If

    Media, Sunday

  • Romans 8

    Romans 8

    Disciple Theme, Media

  • Waiting


    Media, Sunday

  • Hospitality


    Disciple Theme, Media

  • God’s Gone Ahead

    God’s Gone Ahead

    Media, Sunday

  • Actually Does Stuff

    Actually Does Stuff

    Media, Sunday

  • For This Time

    For This Time

    Disciple Theme, Media

  • No Condemnation

    No Condemnation

    Media, Sunday

  • Thankfulness


    Disciple Theme, Media

  • Disciple Decisions

    Disciple Decisions

    Media, Sunday

  • Fasting


    Disciple Theme, Media

  • Fruits of the Spirit

    Fruits of the Spirit

    Disciple Theme, Media

  • Recognise the Voice

    Recognise the Voice

    Media, Sunday

  • Global Family

    Global Family

    Disciple Theme, Media

  • Whisper in the Ear

    Whisper in the Ear

    Media, Sunday

  • Listen


    Disciple Theme, Media

  • God in a Box?

    God in a Box?

    Media, Sunday

  • Prayer


    Disciple Theme, Media

  • Thirsty for More

    Thirsty for More

    Media, Sunday

  • Student


    Disciple Theme, Media

  • Follow Me

    Follow Me

    Media, Sunday

  • You are Chosen

    You are Chosen

    Disciple Theme, Media, Sunday

  • We’re Back!

    We’re Back!

    Media, News, Sunday



Full terms and conditions are on the internet somewhere. Please do not call after midnight, your call will not be answered and you will definitely still be charged!

If you want to get in touch with anyone at St Mark’s global HQ (or as we like to call it, our kitchen) then you can either fill out this contact form or give us a call on 01908 388156

Or, if you want selfies, food pics and other bits, get involved on the www.intersocialmediaweb

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f1VE-K Run Banner

Join in the fun at the MK Festival of Running while raising money and awareness for f1VE and Make Lunch.
One in Five Milton Keynes kids live in poverty, which is too many. Make Lunch is our first initiative working with families across the city struggling to eat during the school holidays. If you have been on team, want to be on team, enjoy running, have a new years fitness resolution or just want to be part of the gang…come join us!
Fill in the form below and we will enter you into the race at a discounted price. Then,
Get training. You can run the race faster than Usain Bolt, jog it at your own pace, or dance it in a fancy dress…up to you!
Tell everyone you know about the event and get them to sponsor you by sharing this link and help make the world a better place!


We have paid for your place on the starting line, but by signing up to run with us you are agreeing to raise a minimum of £10
By filling in the form below, you agree to the following declaration from the Festival of Running organisers:
“In completing this entry I declare that I, or anyone that I am paying for, will not compete in the run unless medically fit to do so and that, in any event, I/we will compete at my/our own risk. I/we accept that the organisers will not be liable for any loss, damage, injury, death, action, claim, costs or expenses which may arise in consequence of my/our participation of the event. I/We understand that entry fees are non-refundable. I understand that for safety reasons that this entry should not be given to anyone other than the person identified above.
I also hereby give my permission to pass my/our details to parties associated with this event and to use my/our name, quotes, video footage, photographic likeness for marketing and promotional purposes. I/we also agree to the full Terms and Conditions as displayed on the event website”