they pooled their money, energy and resources and gave to everyone who had need

The description of the original church is one of care, provision and generosity. These are important values to us too.
We get occasional small grants for specific work (like St Marks Meals for instance) but the vast majority of our income comes from people like you, who are part of our village and who want to support our mission by donating.  Whether you have a certificate for attending every event we have ever held, or if you are just interested from afar – thanks for considering donating to St Marks Church, there are plenty of ways you can do this. For our part, we promise to put your money to the best possible use we can, to love as many people as possible, to be generous too and to act in such a way that you are proud to be a contributor.


We put it to work! We provide Meals Boxes to thousands of hungry children across Milton Keynes with 36 partner schools and children’s centre. We support a wonderful refugee family. We support MK-ACT and individuals facing situations of Domestic Abuse. We host a city-wide prayer gathering. We produce resources for the wider church and for individuals to pray, support Toybox in eradicating the need for kids to live on the streets, we have kids groups, youth hangouts, help people in moments of crisis and more.
Of course the money also does less jazzy but equally important things like ensure the tea and coffee is ever flowing, supply breakfast brioches and other yummy Sunday goodies, cover the cost of hangouts, rent space for church, pay staff salaries, fund mission, and you allow us to bless others by spreading faith, hope and love in MK.
As a church we also give away part of our general income, we help support Toybox, Open Doors and MK Act.




Bank transfer
St Marks MK (HSBC), Acc no 41650394, Sort code 40-45-22
Please include a reference if the money is towards something specific so that we know what to use it for!
Made payable to St Marks MK