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If you have been an observer of the wider church, celebrity church, well-known church leaders or the mainstream press over the past couple of years, then you will be aware of the numerous horrific scandals involving prominent leaders and churches. Some of us have been hurt and affected by these personally, or know people involved, […]

One thing each of the recent scandals has in common is power. More specifically, the power of one individual who is a highly talented individual with charisma and the ability to hold a crowd and create cultural momentum.  There are many reasons why this kind of leader has emerged over the past few decades (mostly […]

OBVIOUSLY there are times when we would all appreciate a little isolation. Maybe a few days on a desert island with fresh coconuts and BBQ’d swordfish? What parent of little-ones would not appreciate a few minutes peace and quiet? Anyone who needs to focus sometimes just needs to be left alone etc etc But over […]

Another leadership maxim.  “What you celebrate, you perpetuate” In other words, the things that you give attention to and which become prominent and which you honour…those things will of course reoccur. They will grow in importance. Parents use this principle in trying to reward good behaviour in the hope that it becomes habitual. Football managers […]

A recent study quoted in the press stated that the chief reason British people gave for not making good decisions about their health, lifestyle or diet was…tiredness.  We all mean to go for a walk / hit the gym / cook from scratch / learn a new skill…but to do so feels exhausting. We are […]

And so it boils down to this (for this little mini-series anyway…obviously this is not exhaustive wisdom!) Anyone who knows St Marks and also knows me will have spotted that I have the potential to fall into every single trap mentioned so far (and a good many others I have not gone into here). In […]

Friends of St Mark’s “Naked Truth” are hosting an online seminar for parents, teaching about internet safety and pornography. Countless reports have documented the damaging affects of porn, and the increasingly young age that our children are exposed to increasingly graphic content. We are supporters of Naked Truth, and as such, St Marks’ parents get […]

Friday had taken everyone by surprise. In many ways. In fact, it would be fair to say that in the eyes of Jesus’ friends, absolutely nothing had gone to plan. The speed of it all was shocking and disorienting, a real head-spinner.  If you were to walk past the row of crosses this morning, then […]

The death seemed so normal. Little different from a thousand others who had come to a grizzly end at the hands of Roman barbarians. No matter who they claim to be, everyone looks normal naked, and everyone bleeds red.  Yet the death had also seemed cosmic. The sun had disappeared and the midday turned dark […]

We have had triumphant, celebratory parades into town. We have had dramatic destruction in the temple, confusing meals, shocking arrests and trials devoid of due-process. Today we watch as the saviour is slaughtered.  Things move fast. The frenetic pace of hot-headed religious fanatics who smell blood, combined with the barbarism of efficient Roman centurions, all […]