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Of course we are all holding lightly to any plans at the moment, but seeing as it looks like we are all locked in again for a while, here are our current best thoughts as to what the St Marks diary will look like in the coming weeks. Hope you can join us for some […]

We’ve made it! Behind today’s window is our Village Christmas Eve special…  

Today – a real treat. “O Holy Night” sung by Nicki. NOW it feels like Christmas!

Behind tonight’s door is one of Alice’s favourite Christmas recipes. She writes: “It’s my favourite recipe and is always a hit with the relatives! The best thing is it actually does look like a salami which is really satisfying, but it also tastes delicious. Essentially it is Nigella’s ridiculously posh version of a refrigerator cake […]

It’s time.

Behind today’s window is a sneak peak of our Christmas Carol recording. Filmed at Holy Trinity Wolverton (with due Covid precautions taken, don’t write in) – and staring Esther, Nicki & Philip who are all amazing.

Today, Paul shares one of his favourite Christmas traditions. Maybe you could give it a go this weekend to add some magic to your holiday?

To end the week, and the school term, here is a bedtime story, especially for the younger members of the Village.

Tonight, a reflection and mediation to experience the wonder of life, from Angie.  Some words first. Since Jesus came as a tiny helpless baby, I think a lot about tiny helpless babies this time of year.  Have you ever held a real baby?  It’s pretty impossible to hold a new baby and not be impressed, or even […]

Behind the virtual door today, is a song and a story from two fantastic festive helpers…Great work you two! Enjoy…