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Given the absence of much else on tele, here is the annual address from the vicar. It is a little longer than the Queen’s Speech, and has much lower production values, but he thinks it is important. Happy Christmas Y’all!

The Children’s Commissioner has issued a brilliant guide for parents written by teenagers all about conversations they think would have been helpful before they had their own phones and tablets. The advice is all about digital use, pornogrpahy and the Wild West of the internet – how to navigate it and advice which might have […]

The fun folks over at Minecraft Church have made a whole nativity story. If Minecraft is your thing (or is the thing of someone you know) then enjoy!…

THIS SUNDAY We are gathering at Heron’s Lodge at 4:30pm for Carols Round the Campfire this Sunday. Wrap up warm, don some sensible footwear and come prepared to belt out some classics while enjoying a Hot Chocolate and a Mince/Apple/Chocolate pie. We will of course be OUTSIDE, which means it might be cold, but it […]

(watch this news at the bottom of this post if reading is not your thing) With all of the recent changes to covid numbers, variants and our hopes to stay safe, we have changed a few of the Christmas events in an effort to still have fun, value the Village and celebrate the Baby. You […]

Today is International End Violence Against Women day. Globally, 1 in 3 women experience violence of one sort or another, and during times of crisis this number rises. Women and girls are more likely to face food insecurity, poverty and abuse. Women and girls are more likely to be subjected to sexual assault and verbal […]

As we head towards Christmas, the team at St Mark’s Meals HQ have come up with a great way to get involved with supporting families this winter. The Christmas Countdown Shopping List includes 25 items used in our Meals boxes. If you are able to, why not add some of these items to your shopping […]

Central to our growth as disciples of Jesus is the deliberate investment in developing our ‘core’. This is the profound and personal relationship we have with Jesus, our understanding of the presence and leading of God in our lives. This understanding does not just happen by accident, rather it is cultivated over time through the […]

This Saturday is our first Sabbath Meal of the term (4:30pm). It is a new(ish) thing for us, and the first time we have done anything like this for a while due to the pandemic. Anyone who has been around St Marks for any length of time though will know that the table is vital […]

Recently we gathered together and spoke about the climate crisis and our part as a Village in responding to it. We begun with 4 foundational assumptions; The stories and the science are both clear. Climate change is happening, and it’s happening now. Children in the village are the best by far at leading the way […]