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Central to our growth as disciples of Jesus is the deliberate investment in developing our ‘core’. This is the profound and personal relationship we have with Jesus, our understanding of the presence and leading of God in our lives. This understanding does not just happen by accident, rather it is cultivated over time through the […]

This Saturday is our first Sabbath Meal of the term (4:30pm). It is a new(ish) thing for us, and the first time we have done anything like this for a while due to the pandemic. Anyone who has been around St Marks for any length of time though will know that the table is vital […]

Recently we gathered together and spoke about the climate crisis and our part as a Village in responding to it. We begun with 4 foundational assumptions; The stories and the science are both clear. Climate change is happening, and it’s happening now. Children in the village are the best by far at leading the way […]

I spent an evening recently with some old friends who I had not seen for a few years. We have a lot of shared history together, a memory full of shared meals, holidays and important life moments. The pictures of these events are in my mind rather than on my phone, because our friendship pre-dates […]

As always, lots going on this term around the village. Here are the dates and times at time of going to press, though check out this post for more details on why we are doing things the way we are.

As we get ready to launch the Sanctuary network later this month, here is a quick update and some ways you can pray.

As we get rolling with a new term, in a new shape reality, here Paul explains the thinking behind all that is happening and how to get the most out of the St Marks village.

We have spoken before about what Andy Stanley calls the “Principle of the Path”. This essentially says that direction not intention determine destination. No matter how much you intend to travel to London from Milton Keynes, if you head north on the M1, you won’t get there.  In a church context this can sometimes play […]

At the start of this new term / year / week (depending on how much effect the school calendar has on your life) I wanted to communicate a few bits of info over a series of blog posts to explain our priorities and practises for the next few months. Some of us joined the St […]

Stick these dates in your diary for the coming term. Obviously anything could change at any moment!