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We have had triumphant, celebratory parades into town. We have had dramatic destruction in the temple, confusing meals, shocking arrests and trials devoid of due-process.

Today we watch as the saviour is slaughtered. 

Things move fast. The frenetic pace of hot-headed religious fanatics who smell blood, combined with the barbarism of efficient Roman centurions, all up against the deadline of the start of sabbath conspire to produce a whirlwind pace today. 

Starting in the courtyard of the local governor, we move quickly to a street in the centre of town, crowded by market traders and onlookers, all seeking to get a glimpse of Jesus. His head is covered with blood produced by inch long thorns. His back is ripped to shreds and his body starved of food or water. On the ground are the remains of some palm leaves which were laid down as a carpet for him not even 5 days ago. 

He is marched to an execution site on a hill outside the city. The hill is littered with rubbish and leftovers from its gruesome industrial function. 

If it were a film, the editor would cut quickly now between shocking and fast moving scenes. 

Nails smashed through his hands and feet, splinters tearing at his naked torso, spears punctured into his side just below his ribs. Soldiers mocking. Opponents spitting, friends weeping, parents trying to stop their children looking, someone somewhere is praying. 

Then Jesus shouts out to God, asking why he has been abandoned. Of course! Why wouldn’t you yell this at God at this moment? The jig is up.

Then the sky goes black, the air blows cold and someone says: “He’s dead”

Some cheer. Some hide, others crumble. 

As darkness descends and the pace slows, only one thing is clear. Evil has won. Hope has been extinguished. The only other explanation would be that a self-giving, all loving God had deliberately chosen to partake in some deeper magic that nobody could have foreseen in an act of ultimate care, somehow making a way for all creation to find a way to peace and eternal perfection. 

That would be good. 

But today is just Friday.