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We are gathering at Heron’s Lodge at 4:30pm for Carols Round the Campfire this Sunday. Wrap up warm, don some sensible footwear and come prepared to belt out some classics while enjoying a Hot Chocolate and a Mince/Apple/Chocolate pie.
We will of course be OUTSIDE, which means it might be cold, but it will be safe though please feel free to wear a mask.

Please Register if you are going along so that we can plan to accommodate everyone.


Each year we collect spare coins and change which we pool together to give away over Christmas – this year none of us have any spare change as nobody spends cash anymore. But if you are able to, and would still like to give, then our plan this Christmas is to treat our Syrian friends over the holiday period. Maybe the Pantomime, maybe sledging…maybe something else depending on the Covid situation, but a treat none-the-less to remind them that we love them.

You can click here to give and every penny will go exclusively on this beautiful family. Thank you!