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This Saturday is our first Sabbath Meal of the term (4:30pm).

It is a new(ish) thing for us, and the first time we have done anything like this for a while due to the pandemic.
Anyone who has been around St Marks for any length of time though will know that the table is vital to who we are and how we gather as a community. More happens round the table to feed us, encourage us and share our lives together than happens in any other context. You will also know that life is busy and time to feed your own soul is sometimes hard to come by.
By gathering on a Saturday evening we commit to spending time together, eating, sharing, laughing and learning. We then also create a free day on Sunday, full of the gift of time, time to fill the bucket which has emptied over the week.

The Sabbath Meal on Saturday will include a meal (obviously) and also a time to share news, to pray for one another, and also an opportunity for anyone to bring an offering to the table. This could be in the form of a joke, a story, a poem, a reflection, an encouragement, or a lego model you made this week and just want to show others!

Clearly for many of us, gathering indoors, and eating together is something we have not done for a while, and so some of us will feel anxious around this. I am aware of this, and appreciate deeply the trust that is already placed in the village each week as being a safe and worthwhile place to gather. We will do all we can to keep everyone safe. We won’t be cramming everyone around tiny tables. We will keep the doors and windows open and will think carefully about plating systems.

For pudding, we will involve this terms BAKE OFF – your challenge 9if you want to join in) is to bring 6 show-stopping doughnuts!

I really hope you can come. I think this will become a special part of St Marks practice and life together.
If you are aiming to come, please register here to help out with catering. THANK YOU!