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Recently we gathered together and spoke about the climate crisis and our part as a Village in responding to it.

We begun with 4 foundational assumptions;

  • The stories and the science are both clear. Climate change is happening, and it’s happening now.
  • Children in the village are the best by far at leading the way in passionately caring for the planet.
  • To care for our world is not a discipleship bolt-on. In the poem on page 1 of the Bible, God tasks humanity with caring for and looking after the planet. God gives this instruction in a garden, and this is a great way of thinking about our role…to be good gardeners who tend the world carefully.
  • To care for the world is to care for the people of the world. The effects of climate change, unpredictable & extreme weather, erosion of natural resources and water shortages are all felt most keenly by the poorest, who by definition have the fewest resources available to them to change their own future. We seek to affect the future for ourselves, for our children and for those who don’t experience the levels of comfort and privilege that we do.

Below is a (non-exhaustive) list of links, ideas and resources for you to explore as part of your discipleship.


Tearfund – the Rebooted campaign has ideas and specific action around the COP26 summit
A Rocha UK – a Christian environmental agency with lots of resources and links
The Justice Conference – A conference, talks and gatherings focussed on justice of all kinds, including environmental justice.
The Craftivist Collective – Combining craft, making, creativity and activism
Climate Intercessors – A movement of people who want to pray specifically for issues of climate justice and care
Operation Noah – A Christian charity working with the church to tackle climate change
Plant A Tree – Plant trees in partnership with the National Trust


Urban Beelievers – Turning MK into a Bee-Friendly city
MK Christian Foundation – A variety of local projects, focussed on sustainability, environment care and creative beauty.
My Refill Market – Zero waste shopping in Stony Stratford.
Nothing Wasted – Zero waste shopping in Newport Pagnell.


We Are Together Podcast
The Justice and Coffee Podcast


Twin your toilet – Link your loo with one in a neighbourhood where access to water and sanitation makes a massive difference
Loop – cut single use plastic while doing the big shop at Tesco
Who Gives a Crap –  toilet paper that makes a big difference
Ecosia – Instead of googling, use this and plant trees when you search.
TreeApp – You watch an advert and they will plant a tree. Easy.
Smol – Eco friendly cleaning products
Splosh – Everything from shower gel to dishwasher tablets. Eco friendly soaps and cleaning solutions.