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As part of our Half-Term lockdown fun we have teamed up with the brilliant Liquid Art Workshops to put on an afternoon for the whole village. Guided by a tutor, we will all be able to produce a stunning piece of artwork, no matter your natural level of talent (which is probably much higher than school told you it is anyway!)

The workshop will be on Zoom, and anyone in your house can join in.

You can use whatever you have in your house. Crayons, poster paints…but our teacher suggests that Acrylics will be best (and is what she will be using) so if you fancy doing that, then hop online and buy some here or here or here in time for the event on Sunday.

You can paint on paper or card, or purchase some cheap art boards here or here or here.

Otherwise, no special items are needed.

Hope to see you there!

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