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Tonight, a reflection and mediation to experience the wonder of life, from Angie. 

Some words first.

Since Jesus came as a tiny helpless baby, I think a lot about tiny helpless babies this time of year.  Have you ever held a real baby?  It’s pretty impossible to hold a new baby and not be impressed, or even overwhelmed at the miracle of this tiny being that can move their fingers and toes and look around and experience the world for the first time, because they’re brand new.

As we get older, and wrinklier, and busier it’s easy to forget that it’s a miracle that we’re here.  Just because we’re not brand new any more doesn’t mean it’s not really really impressive that our lungs can take in air and we can see and hear and experience the world around us. I think God looks at us like we look at little kids who we love so much.  He sees the miracle of us and probably even loves the wrinkles and the broken bits. I do something a bit like this exercise every now and then to experience the world like it’s all new and strange and interesting again.  It’s nice to remember that it’s amazing that we’re here.  And that this planet is so cool, and we’re all part of it.