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The fact that a footballer’s call for compassionate provision for hungry children seems to have fallen on deaf ears makes you angry is a good thing! The choice you now have is “what shall I do with my anger?”

Don’t get distracted by online arguments and rants. The reality is that thousands of children in MK regularly go without dinner. We need a huge team dedicated to involving themselves in passionate action to create a new future where childhood hunger becomes a shameful memory rather than a current reality…and in the mean time, there are children who need help every. single. day.  

It begins with us all doing a bit…and doing it consistently, not just when the “issue” (by ‘issue’ we obviously mean ‘hungry children’ are in the press).

Here are 5 ways you can join the team battling child-hunger right now. 

  • Go to your local supermarket, buy a basket full of food and leave it all in the Foodbank Collection Point

  • Donate financially to MK Foodbank here. 

  • Check your cupboards.  Got some perfectly good spare food which you won’t round to eating? Take it to the Community Fridge

  • Become a regular giver with St Marks Meals to help put dinner on the table every night of the year.

  • Write to your local MP and tell them how you feel and demand that they do more to help. Iain Stewart or Ben Everitt