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Any crisis always clarifies values and priorities. Things which seem important suddenly seem less so, and visa-versa.

During the last few months we have realised just how much we enjoy hanging out and spending time together – it is so important for our minds, bodies and souls.

This term, as long as we are able to, we will be hanging out together outside as much as possible in a way which allows us to chat but also maintain a distance and keep each other safe.

This Sunday is our second “Village Walk” where we all gather in the car-park, head off in the same general direction and carry on conversations as we walk in various groupings.

Meet at Campbell Park Cricket Pavilion, at 10:30.

Please please do your part to keep others, and yourself safe. We will observe social distancing. if you would feel more comfortable in a mask, please wear one without hesitation, and if you feel ill before the walk starts, please love others by staying at home and resting till the next walk!