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We are the kind of church where normally two things are true;
There is a lot of obvious stuff to do
The brilliant people who make up St Marks dive in and do what needs doing. 
Sometimes it’s unloading a van, pouring coffee, shifting piles of chairs or sitting on the floor to draw pictures with toddlers. Other times it is packing Meals boxes for schools, hosting city-wide prayer gatherings or meeting for coffee. 
And, while we are all keen to make sure that we do not just fill every minute of the day for the sake of it, there are still things to do which help the life of the Village function. 
For those of us who want to stay “hands-on”…here are a few ways you could help at the moment. 


Honestly! Don’t rush past this one in order to get to the “real ones”! This is a real one!
Pray for others in the gang who might be struggling with what life looks and feels like for them right now, pray for the kids in our village who are now living and learning at home, pray for those with health needs, pray for the leaders who have to try and figure out how we gather and how we bless our neighbours in new ways, pray that we would all have the eyes to see the new opportunities we have been gifted, pray for our finances, pray protection over those who look after our refugee friends or deliver Meals boxes. Pray for MK-ACT and Toybox. Pray for Christians around the world who suffer double because of their faith. Pray that you would sense the presence of God with you right now!


Could you lead a Zoom Room of 3 or 4 people, discussing faith and cheering one another on in life? Could you help lead a kids hangout one week, or jump on the youth hangout and inspire some of our precious young people? Could you lead a section of our Sunday Zooms? (You could lead the prayers, or come up with a game, host the morning, or perform a poem for us to reflect on and learn from?)


Have you got an idea for a hangout which might work?…could the whole village come along? Have you got an evening to invite a few others over for virtual drinks? 


The church works on the pooled resources of its people. This is true for energy and it is true for money. We still have bills to pay and we will soon be able to deliver Meals boxes again and also find other ways to bless MK. We also have a “hardship fund” for people who find themselves struggling at this time. If you have the ability to give into these pots…please do so generously. 

Turn up

We don’t really count the numbers. But we do really count you! We miss you when you are not around. Of course it is not the same as when we were all able to be in the same room…but YOU are the person that someone else needs to see. The gang is not the same without you. 


If everything has changed, then we don’t want to just sit on our butts in the hope that everything will one-day return to how it used to be. There are new opportunities for us to creatively communicate the lavish grace of Jesus to our neighbours. These won’t look like what we used to do. They will be bold, new and innovative…but more importantly they will bless others and serve some who need hope. Listen to the people around you, listen for the whisper of Jesus…the people who listen are the ones who hear. 


Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind. And Love your neighbour as yourself.