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I heard a guy speaking recently about the tree at the centre of the story of Eve and Adam (don’t switch off…it’s a story!) Anyway, he pointed out that humanity was told not to eat the fruit from the tree at the centre of the garden as it would give them knowledge. 
(Spoiler alert)
They ate the fruit and gained the knowledge which was never supposed to be theirs. 
The guy I was listening to spoke about how this was a problem, because although they now had knowledge, they did not have wisdom or power. 
As he said this something resonated in me. THIS IS HOW I FEEL! 
I am over-whelmed with knowledge. I now know about the “R-Rate”, the transmission peculiarities of viruses, the south-Korean model, the Swedish model, heard immunity, a thing called furlough, and the global supply chains for doctors clothes (which are called PPE. I know that now too). 
Not only do I know stuff about this stuff, but so does everyone else. And, it turns out, everyone else also has an opinion about what is going on, why the government is wrong, or right, or slow or fast. My news feed is FULL of experts. Some of them qualified, some of them just with thumbs. 
I know so much, but I am not sure that I have the WISDOM to know what to do with what I know. 
And I certainly don’t enjoy the levels of power I would like to have at my disposal in order to do anything about it. I caught a cold last winter…I have no idea who from. If my power is that limited against the strength of a common cold, then surely I don’t stand a chance against the power of covid-19.
I write all this to remind you of this simple truth. 
If you are feeling powerless, overwhelmed by knowledge, unsure as to what is the wise thing to do, dreaming that you might like to celebrate freedom by buying a frothy coffee but scared you might catch the virus off the barista, or praying about whether or when the kids might be able to go back to school…
You are not on your own. 
Which is why showing up is important. 
Isolating whispers to you that you are alone. 
Church shouts that you are not. You are loved. You are missed. We see you, and it is all much better when you are with us. 
There is this verse tucked away in a letter to the Hebrews (in the Bible) which says “let us consider how we can spur one another on towards love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another”
Good stuff huh?
If you need some encouragement, I hope you always come and find it around St Marks. 
If you are strong enough to cheer on someone else today, then that’s your biggest job, as it is someone else’s greatest need.