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Today we outlined how we are going to be involved with welcoming a family of refugees to Milton Keynes in the next couple of months.
When the family arrive in May, they will move into a house which we will have furnished and made feel like a home. Everything from a dining table, to beds, cooking pans and potato peelers…pillow cases, lawn-mowers and nappies – we are doing it all!
It is a big undertaking, but a worthy one…welcoming a family from a long journey fleeing home to a strange land. We want to make sure they feel the love.

Here are the ways that you can get involved.

If you are the praying type, pray for the millions whose lives have been turned upside-down by the conflict, for peace in Syria and for those settling in new places. And if you’re not the praying type, now could be a good time to start?!
Organise a coffee morning, run round a park in a chicken costume, wax your legs, raffle off some family heirlooms…do whatever it takes – just have some fun and raise some wonga!
Click here and give money direct which we will use for items in the house.
We are making a book to place on the coffee table, full of hot tips about MK. Do you have a favourite park to visit? Are you a master of the bus routes and could pass on some of that info? Do you have a mechanic you would recommend or a coffee shop which is a must-go-to?

If so, download a template page template below and fill it in. Return it to us and we will scan it and compile it into a fantastic looking book to welcome the family with top tips from some new friends. You can include pics of you or your family if you want, and if you have children, why not get them to draw a picture to say hi too?

Th closing date for submissions is the 23rd April.