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As we continue to read the opening to the book of Acts, there is a plot theme which has now run through several episodes. 
Almost incidentally, Peter and John healed a guy who could not walk while on their way into the temple so they could pray. There was no big fuss, no song and dance, no smoke machine or book tour – they just told him to get up in the name (and power) of Jesus. 
Days later and the repercussions of this are still rumbling. There was, understandably, quite a bit of interest from the crowd of fellow-temple-attendees immediately after the event happened. Spooked, amazed or perplexed at what they saw, the crowd wanted to know more…and Peter told them more! He explained who Jesus was, what had happened to him, and what that meant for the world. You might have thought that this would be the end of the matter…but no: a whole new episode, and while in another scene somewhere people are getting on with their lives, Peter and John now find themselves banged up for the night while an emergency-power-meeting of all the religious and political big-hitters is convened to try to figure out a way to put a lid on all this Jesus talk. And miracles too obvs.
Brought before the angry panel the next morning, Peter and John are questioned, threatened and commanded to stop (as if it was them who were in control of God anyway). Peter, who is usually the first to speak, jumps up and says (4:9) REALLY?! You are cross because we did something KIND?! Can you hear the mocking indignation in his voice? “what part of making a lame blokes legs work so that he does not have to sit on the street corner and hassle you for money but is instead able to work, pay taxes, earn money and feed his family is it that you find so offensive?!”
Does this sound familiar to you? An act of Kindness which has completely stumped those who are angry and whose only weapon is enforced power and aggressive control. People don’t know how to respond to kindness. It is a weapon which catches people off-guard. How do you defend against it? Do you want to defend against it? How do you defeat it?…is defeating kindness something you want to do?
To make maters worse, the powerful elite notice something else about the two fellas standing infant of them (4:13) they were UNSCHOOLED and ORDINARY! The cheek of it! Imagine God choosing to use ordinary people rather than the obviously available and eminently qualified religious professionals! 
Maybe, just maybe, if you and I (ordinary people) were to display the kindness of God, through the name of Jesus to anyone we met today…then maybe extraordinary things might happen. And if you get thrown into prison for the night because of it we will come bail you out!


*We have already started our Kindness Collections for 2017 ready to Rock someones Christmas again this year – pick up your money box at church this weekend or just start in a jam jar of your own!*