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In October Half-Term of 2015 we set sail on a little adventure to run a ‘Make Lunch’ kitchen and see if we could help bridge the Holiday Hunger gap for a few kids. That week we worked hard and scrambled our best team together and flopped on the sofa at the end of the week when we had managed to feed 12 children.
It was a start…and while we knew those 12 children were probably having a better day than they might have been thanks to our little efforts, we also knew that there thousands more across MK who we had yet to meet.
Fast forward a whole year to this past week, when over half term at the end of October we were open in 4 schools across Milton Keynes with a much bigger team and many more families coming along.
The number crunchers have been crunching their numbers, and figured out that we have served a whopping 907 meals to children and their families this year. NINE HUNDRED AND SEVEN! That’s a lot more than 12.
If you have cooked or washed or served or played or welcomed or painted or given or sponsored or prayed or whatever else…THANK YOU! It would not have happened without you.
It’s better than 12…but it is still not good enough. There are still thousands of kids going hungry – some of them live next door to you, and so as we head into our second year we are aiming higher…come join us for the adventure!