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Sunday 26th October is Sleeves up Sunday for St Mark’s.
We are going to be spending the morning working around our venue, the Buszy, doing some odd jobs and giving the place a little bit of TLC. We plan to do some weeding, fix some things, paint some things, tidy some things and then have lunch together before going home to have a wash in some white spirits or something!
We will have activities for younger children, and those old enough to be put to work will be given hard jobs!
Come along in clothes you don’t mind getting a little dirty and if you have brushes / gloves / paint-brushes / tool-boxes / power drills* please bring them along to help out.
We will start at 10, have lunch at 12:15 and finish at 1pm
*that was a joke obvs. Please do not bring power drills. Good grief!