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Last night a few of us went on a prayer-crawl around the city…it is kind of like a prayer walk but includes a drink or two on the way!

Once we got over the ‘weird factor’ it was really good to wonder round the centre of our city and spend time praying for different things. We prayed for the businesses that we passed, that God would bless them, the shops, that they would become a centre for satisfaction rather than consumerism and greed, the police and council. We stood outside the Community Foundation & MK-ACT offices and prayed for all their work. And obviously we prayed for our mates at the Buszy.

We walked through underpasses and asked God to make them safe and that attacks on particularly dangerous and notorious ones would stop. We also prayed for those who sleep in them at night as they offer shelter against the rain. At one point we walked past a soup-kitchen serving hot soup and sandwiches to those in need and again prayed blessing on that ministry.

We also stopped outside a strip club and the casino and asked for God’s kingdom to come and will be done in these places too – that light would shine in these dark rooms – that people would be set free, protected and rescued.

We will do it again, for we saw the city differently, and familiar streets took on new light. It is a ‘Jesus-thing’ to pray for the city, her people and the grace of God to flood into places in new and creative ways.