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Right. Season 2 of the Great St Mark’s Bake Off. This year we are playing to win the covered and highly prestigious GOLDEN SPATULA award.
Rules are as follows. Any breaking of the rules will result in immediate disqualification and your home may be re-possessed.
1. Enter a tart or sweet pie (in other words, something for pudding, no chicken and mushroom pies please)
2. Points will be awarded for: Show-stopper appearance, Taste, Filling to base ratio, Creativity.
3. Points will be deducted for: Soggy bottoms, holes in the base, leakage, obvious cheating, mushrooms.
4. Everyone scores each other and points totalled up at the end of the evening to decide the ultimate winner.
The Bake-Off tent has been put away for the winter, so this year we are holding our event at Chez Ford (where Annie and Chris live) Contact us if you need the address.