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Jesus is good news because
He finds the lost
comforts the grieving
and is a friend to the lonely.
He’s a guide to the wonderer
He provides for the needy and heals the sick.
He dances with the lame, whispers to the deaf, shares glances with the blind and hugs the contagious till they’re safe.
He is wisdom risen above the folly
He is calm, raging against the storm.
To the scared he gives courage
to the anxious he gives peace.
He has arms open to the outcast
and gives joy to the downcast.
While the rest remain subjective, he stands as the truth
when all else is changing, he remains a rock.
He renders pride defenceless by the force of his humility
he chases away embarrassment and shame with a carefree embrace.
He provides banquets for the hungry
and refillable drinks for the thirsty.
He gives rest to the stressed
promises justice for the oppressed.
To the chief exec he speaks the language of management,
to the farmer, of the seasons of harvest,
for the creative he paints sunsets and leads the dance.
He reigns over royals as the great high king
he presides over religion as the true high priest.
If you need rescue he’ll save you,
finding, he’ll search for you,
patience, he’ll sit with you,
hope, he’ll grow it in you.
He holds tomorrow in his palms
and, because he starched out his arms
his love lasts forever, free to those who call him Father.