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Part of being a Jesus-gang means getting involved in areas of life which are just plain wrong and working to change it. We are inspired by the Good News of Jesus, but if we just sit on our seats, congratulating ourselves that we have discovered the key to life and grace, then to be honest, we would deserve to be slapped round the face with a wet fish.
This week a hero of ours, Emily, came to tell us all about her work in fighting against the evil of trafficking. It goes on right under our noses and is horrific and dark…until someone comes in and shines a light. Emily is establishing ‘Ella’s Home’, a safe house for women escaping situations of trafficking, forced labour, and sexual slavery.
We are cheering Emily and her team on as they embark on the adventure, but we are also inspired that in the face of evil, doing something seems important yet usually impossible…wrong, it is important and imperative that we so something. Anything.
You can find out more about Ella’s Home here.