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This year, we are going to join in with the Live Below the Line challenge, which you can read more about here

1 in 45 people have already read a statistic today, but every now and again a statistic is thrown out there which is so crazy, so wrong and so compelling that you can’t just read it, you have to do something about it. Here it is. Across the world, 1.2 BILLION people live in extreme poverty. That means they are forced to live on less than the equivalent of £1 per day. That is crazy. And it isn’t ok.

1.2 billion people live in extreme poverty…surviving on £1 a day or less.

By joining with the challenge and living on a quid a day, we do a couple of things;
We stand next to our neighbours, if only for a little while.
Our eyes get opened to what it really feels like for some others on the plant. 
Our hearts & tummies will ache. One with hunger for food, the other with a hunger for righteousness. 
We pool the money we save on the food shopping that week and donate it to a charity working with the worlds poorest. 

So here is the challenge if you are up for it. Can you live on £1 per day? You can do it for a day, a couple of days or a whole week. We will kick off the challenge on Monday 28th April, and finish by all joining together on Sunday May 4th for breakfast as part of our normal Sunday Gathering.

We will put more info on Facebook and there are recipes ideas and hints here too.

If you join us, why not post some pics on the Facebook page as you go through the week and use #BelowTheLine on Twitter.