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As mother’s day rolls round again, we are going to be putting together some goodie-bags for our friends at MK-ACT. The idea is that mothers in the refuge will receive little bags reminding them that they are loved, cared for and cheered on.

If you can start bringing items from the list below (or freestyle yourself if you have other great ideas) along on either Sunday mornings or Monday nights, we will gather them all together. We will them make the parcels up as part of our gathering on Sunday 23rd March, ready to be given to the refuge in time for the 30th.

Items we Need
Chocolate & edible treats
Shower gel
Nice smells and toiletries
Little treats (hearts and other girly stuff!)

Candles are no good due to fire regs in the refuge

Either grab a few of these things next time you are shopping, or chuck some money at Paul letting him know it is specifically for this. The aim is that all 28 women in the refuge get a little bag of goodies.

Love that we get to do this together gang – it is the church in action, spreading love to others generously.