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‘Different actually’ is our focus for the next few months. It finds it foundations on the idea that God’s people have always been supposed to live a life which is dramatically, compellingly and attractively unique.

While all other people groups were superstitiously worshipping a pantheon of gods…the people of God were radical in their belief that there was only ONE god, and that he ruled over all things, not just some things. While other people were treating women as play-things and discarding them when they were finished with the marriage without second thoughts or provision of rights, the people of God pioneered womens’ rights and the equality of all.

The life lived differently is supposed to point to a different God.

The problem is that often, along the way, we have either screwed up what we are doing and why, or neglected to live a life of distinction at all. ‘Christian’ marriages fail at the same rate as those not based on faith, church-goers experience just as much stress as anyone else, make just as many decisions which hurt themselves later in life, and worry about money in just as an all-consuming a way. This is not how it was ever meant to be.

Over the next few months we are going to be exploring how we actually live a life of profound difference.