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Congratulations! You are a person of faith!

Whether or not you have ever considered yourself to be so or not, you place enormous levels of faith in different things each and every day. You place faith in the mechanic who made you car, the engineer who bolted the wings on to the plane, the chef who you hope did not spit in your carbonara, the teacher who looks after your kids, the bank who looks after your money (or not!), the meat factory that supplies you beef / horse!

We place faith in things and people all the time. And, as a verse in the Bible observes, we are a people who ‘live by faith and not by sight’.

When it comes to a ‘belief system’ or ‘religion’ though, we often struggle with the mysterious and unexplainable. Having to justify the existence of an invisible God to mates who can’t see him either can be tiring…and is a level of scrutiny we don’t apply to everything in life.

One time, the only surviving prophet of God, a guy named Elijah, found himself on the top of a hill surrounded by 450 rival prophets of a rival god, Baal. Say it like a sheep!

Elijah challenged them to build two altars made of wood, and on top of each to place a dead bull. “No matches” he announces as he lays down the challenge. “Pray to Baal, and I will pray to God. The winner is the one whose god sends down fire and burns up their altar and bull”. Not surprisingly this challenge quickly drew a large crowd of interested and amused onlookers.

For hours the 450 Baalites prayed, danced, chanted, sang and paraded around their altar. They whipped themselves into an ever more frenzied state, even slashing and cutting themselves as a sign of their intentions and sacrificial worship.

“Maybe he is on holiday?” Mused Elijah, “or gardening, or on the loo, or deaf?!” Helpful.

Finally, exhausted and unsuccessful, the prophets of Baal took a tea break.

At that moment Elijah poured gallons and gallons of water on his altar, stopping only when the water ran off the soaked wood. Then he knelt and quietly prayed. Prayed to the God he knew would listen…then the fire fell and consumed the sacrifice, much to the surprise of all the people watching.

God 1, Baal nil.

Elijah discovered something that day which some of us have been thankful for ever since. Size doesn’t matter!!

It is not the size of your faith that matters. It is not the intensity of your faith that matters. It is the OBJECT of your faith.

It doesn’t matter who much you have faith in something, if it is the wrong thing to have faith in, if it is not worthy of that faith, it will all come crashing down. Just ask a politician who used to have faith in their own personal power and immunity but now sits in obscurity behind bars, or the previously wealthy CEO who had faith in their business which now lays in ruins.

One Bible writer says “fix your eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith”. He is the only one worthy of having faith placed in him.

So, if you have ever been told that you just need to have more faith, to believe more and you will see a miracle. The person that told you that was wrong.

If you have placed, or are placing faith in any other person, system, company, church, leader, skill, network….quick! Change, and fix your eyes on Jesus, the only one worthy of your faith.