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Gang, this is a quick note to explain the time-change in St Mark’s Sunday gatherings coming up this September.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, there were a few reasons why we were considering changing the time from 4:30 in the afternoon (4:30 in the morning would be CRAZY!)

Our decision to hold gatherings in the afternoon originally was one that was made for us. We were not able to use the Buszy in the mornings as their cleaner did his stuff then. Well, although a really nice guy, maybe cleaning was not his passion in life, so the Buszy now have new cleaners who work on a Friday.

Our desire has always been to be an authentic community of faith for the whole family, which rules out starting life with a cool, edgey evening service, as then families are quickly rushing homework! So until now, the afternoon has served us ok. With the morning slot now a possibility at the Buszy though we were presented with an opportunity.

There are two over-riding reasons why I was considering a move to the morning.

  1. The clashes we were having with other users. Although fun in many ways, as we grow it is going to be increasingly problematic to expect people to put up with the rave next door etc! It does not exactly scream ‘this is a safe environment for your kids’!
  2. For some of us that do a lot of the set-up and pack-down work each Sunday, the afternoon slot was becoming more and more of a drag. It encroaches on the rest of the day a lot. Again, as we grow, if the team that do the lion’s share of the work for any particular gathering start to resent it, then we are in trouble. This will be the same for any other thing that we do in the future too.

So. We are moving to the mornings. I know this works better for some of us, is equally as good for some others, and is worse for others. Am really glad if you are in the “it’s better for me” boat, and genuinely sorry for those of you who might find the mornings tough. Am sure in a few years we will have Sunday gatherings at all kinds of time during the day, but for now we only have this one, so it is not going to work brilliantly for everyone and there is nothing we can do about that.

I hope though we will all embrace the changes as much as possible. I actually believe it could be really exciting. We will serve breakfast each week from 10 till 10:30. So roll out of bed, grab a croissant and coffee and enjoy the morning with the gang! Our monthly ‘Table’ meals will become monthly Brunch gatherings when we will go to town on cooking up a breakfast storm! We will then always still have the rest of Sunday to hang out should we wish to, grab lunch, hit the park etc etc.

So. I hope that helps explain the reason for the change.

I am SO excited about this term, it is going to be an absolute stonker! MAKE SURE you are around on the 1st September for our first birthday bash! It is going to be a great morning when we have lots to celebrate together as well as a load of exciting things to launch for the 2nd year of our life as a light shining bright in MK.

As I have reflected this summer on all that God has done in this past year I am blown away, and I know that there is much more to come…there always is with God! Love you guys, love your style and love being in your church!