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My alarm clock is a few minutes fast. Eight minutes fast actually.

I have two watches. They are separated by three minutes.

The clock on the phone that sits on my desk tells another time completely.

The clock on the oven? Who knows what time zone that refers to?

The clock in our car is 3 minutes behind my alarm clock.

Until recently we had a clock on our kitchen wall that was an hour and a quarter slow. No idea why.

More to the point…why have I never bothered to fix this and change all my timepieces to tell the correct time?! (This has got to be driving you OCD types crazy?!)

The thing is, they are all only a little bit wrong. Only a tiny bit fast/slow/out of time, and so, as I know it is only a tiny bit (apart form the kitchen clock debacle) I adjust my life to them and never bother to correct them. “Oh don’t worry” I tell passangers panicking that they will miss the train I am taking them to “the clcok is a bit fast, we’ve got loads of time”.

I was hit by a realisation last week though that there are plenty of other areas in my life that are the same as this. Something is a little out from where it should be. Not a lot, but a little bit.

My humour is a little quick to put people down.

My ability to judge others is way too fast.

The speed at which I forgive, show grace, have patience with people is a little slow.

Not a lot you understand…I am not killing people, graffitying zimmer frames or anything like that. But there are a few areas of my life which are a little out from where they should be. From where I would like them to be. A little away from looking much like Jesus.

Maybe it would be time well spent taking a few minutes to realign some areas of my life with the one by whom all things are measured. According to the clock on my phone I have a few minutes to spare anyway.