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Not everybody admits it, but everybody prays.

Some people build a habit of it and do it ‘religiously’ because they want to connect with God on a regular basis. Some people think they should be good at it but dont pray as often as they feel they should. Other people shoot up a quick prayer just in case there is a God and he has any influence over the interview panel / exam marking board / traffic warden / football scores etc.

Jesus said a really odd thing about prayers once.

A young lad had come to him plagued with an extreme illness. As usual, Jesus disciples tried to sort the situation out and failed, leaving Jesus to step in and rescue the situation, healing the boy instantly.

Explaining this to his mates, Jesus said “Honestly, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will be able to say to a mountain, ‘move’ and it will happen.”


This kid had a massive mountain in his life. An illness that doctors were having no luck with and which crippled his ability to thrive in life. Many of us have similar ‘mountains’, illness, depression, low-self-esteem, job need, husband-hunting, empty wallets, we support Arsenal.

If, as Jesus suggested, moving these mountains were possible by the power of prayer it might be worth a shot? Quite a few people came up to Jesus and told him about their mountains on the off-chance that he might be able to do something about them.

Well, the crazy thing is, approaching God on the off-chance that he might be strong enough and willing enough to help is all it takes. You just need to bring a mustard seed worth of faith to the party…he will do the rest. In other words; if most of you does not believe, but a tiny part of you does. That is enough. He will do the rest.

When we get back from the weekly shop, my little girl loves to “help” me unload the shopping bags from the boot. They are big, heavy bags full of groceries. The bags are bigger than she is, and usually heavier too. Just how much ‘help’ do you think she actually is?! Right…NONE!! In fact, some times she makes the job more difficult, but she loves it, and to be honest so do I!

Ultimately she has confidence that the bag will move from the car to the kitchen because she knows her dad can lift the bag. She understands how incredibly strong her dad is 😉

Maybe it is the same with prayer? Most times when I remember to pray I am usually focussed on the size of the mountain, the extreme level of difficulty or need I am experiencing. But what if I focussed primarily not on my mountain but on the Creator of all things (including actual mountains!). Maybe if I filled my mind with an understanding of how crazy good, powerful and kind he is I might have a little more than a mustard seed worth of confidence?

So. Next time you need a mountain shifting, lift your eyes off the mountain and on to Jesus. With him, all things are possible.