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Remember when you were at school and it was that time of year when you found out which class you were going to be in next year? Your name was read out and it was explained that your class tutor next year would be Mrs so-and-so or Mr what’s-his-name.

Then it would be lunch time and you would bust a gut to try and chat to some big kid who you hoped was not going to steal your lunch money. You were desperate to ask them a question…”What’s he like?”

You had heard some thing, some rumours, some truths, some stories and you had formed an opinion but now the rubber had hit the road and you needed to know if he was going to eat your head if you forgot your homework or if you would be able to chat to your mates all day while the teacher watched their eBay bids closely.

Well, for the next coupe of weeks at St Mark’s we are going to be asking that same question about God. “What’s He Like?”

You might have heard some rumours, listened to some stories, met a couple of his more crazy followers, or wondered if he even existed; but now it feels important to know. I mean to really know the truth. It just might be surprising.

Come along if you want. We wont steal your lunch money.