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Last night was the first ever St Mark’s ‘Roots’ evening. Amazed it did not make the national news headlines to be honest!

We met in our usual hangout at the Slug and Lettuce for drinks and discussions about the finer points of wisdom, decision making and guidance. So often in life we have a big decision to make; what job to take, where to live, who to marry, whether to whipped cream on that Mocha or not. Making these decision is often tricky and we imagine it would be a lot easier if God would just write the answer in the sky somehow.

Well. Maybe he has? Maybe he already did? Maybe he uses other methods to guide?

All these things were discussed and it was a great night.

The next ‘Roots’ is on the 8th April when again we will dig a bit deeper into issues of life and faith. All are welcome. If you are trying to decide whether to come or not, God told me to tell you the answer is ‘yes’!