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This guy comes up to Jesus one time. The guy’s skin is falling off due to a severe illness he has. Minging!

Anyway – this guy came up to Jesus and said to him “Jesus, if you are willing, you can heal me”.

What an odd statement. But I bet it is one that has echoes in your life; it does in mine.

My little girl (who is FACT, the cutest little girl in the world) is very proud of her first scab on her knee at the moment. I was with her when she fell over and can still remember the way her little cute face crumpled with pain and her eyes filled with tears as she just lifted up her arms for me to pick her up and make it all better.

What an odd thing to do. But I bet it is one that has echoes in your life; it does in mine.

The guy who came to Jesus had no doubt in the ability of God to be able to heal. What he doubted was the willingness  of God.

You ever done that? Assumed that God was not willing that you should be better? Or assumed that because you have made a few mistakes in the past that he would not be willing to accept you just as you are? Or guessed that because he is a big angry man with a beard and a lightening bolt he is not willing for you to be happy in life / find a spouse / get that promotion / know happiness / experience safety and justice / pass your exams without revising*

My little girl knows something about God better than I do.

Jesus had to spend a lot of time explaining to people “no…you’ve misunderstood…God is not like that”. One day he said to his mates that they needed to think of God differently. Instead of a crazy judge in the clouds, or rather than some angry, distant deity…they needed to think of him as a father.

A father!


My little girl knows what a father is like. She has not learnt yet that I am unable to heal all cuts and bruises…but what she does know is that she never has to question my willingness for her to feel better / have the very best happen in her life / to be safe / to enjoy life.

So God changed his name.

“Call me Father”.

Think of him as father. Don’t be scared, don’t assume he is on your case the whole time, don’t think that he doesn’t care, don’t hide from him. Think of him differently. Think of him as he actually is.

*Also, stop being so lazy and revise for your exams!