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There is an old Jewish story of a time when the God of the people told them to move from where they were, and begin to live in a ‘promised land’, a place he had set aside for them, where they would be safe from attack and be able to settle down and call home.

There was a slight problem though. Separating them and this promised land was a large river in flood season…and no bridge.

Slight problems are of course though no problem at all if you are God, so he simply stopped the water further up stream for a few hours while all the people crossed over the resulting safe, if slightly muddy, river bed.

Having crossed the river, just before he let the waters roar back into their place, God told the community leaders to take 12 large boulders out of the river bed and place them in a pile by the side of the river. When they asked why this was important, God’s reply was that the pile of stones would be a reminder to them.

When they walked down the street and saw a random pile of big stones, children and strangers would enquire what they were there for and why nobody had bothered to move them

The answer would then be given by the older and wiser members of the community “these stones remind us of something incredible that God did for us once”.

My guess is that every time someone walked past this stack of stones they would breathe a silent prayer of thanks to God for all that he had done for them in the past, but also be aware of, and in anticipation of all that God would provide for them in the future.

The stones pointed to the activity and presence of God in the past, and promised the same in the future.

As we start a new chapter in St Mark’s we have a few stones too. We are not going to place them by the side of the road or anything like cos that would be in direct violation of Health and Safety directive 85729/JT6 (probably). We have each taken a stone though to put somewhere in our house. It is a reminder of what God has done in the past, and a pointer to what he will do in the future. If you come round our house and spot where we have put it, you can ask us more about what the stone reminds us of.

(P.S the rocks on the drive way are purely decorative and have no symbolic significance, so please don’t ask us about those!)

P.P.S – we have stones left if you want to get one and join in and have your very own ancient Jewish monument in your house. It will be the hottest trend of 2013 no doubt.