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This month at St Mark’s we are thinking about some of the most often made new year’s resolutions. Most of us have built up a large bank of failures over the years. We managed to make it to January the 13th and then it all went horribly wrong and we slipped up and smoked / swore / forgot to go for a jog / ate a box of krispy kremes / committed a murder and BANG, we are back right where we were last year.


We are trying to flip it all around a little bit and think a little bit differently, and have a revolution rather than make a resolution.

This week: Money.

Usually I am totally absorbed with how much money I have, or more precisely how much I don’t have. I am thinking about how I could invest it better so that it earns more for me, or calculating whether or not the new pension changes are going to mean a win-fall or an old age of poverty. Am I more wise to grab the 2-for-1 offers and save money whilst enjoying the freebie, or steer well clear of them as was not going to buy them in the first place?

So many money worries.

SO. Let’s flip it round.

Here are three attitudes that might help me this year to be better with my cash.

Firstly; Gratitude.

I am making a commitment this year to being thankful for everything that I have. My wife, my little girl, my house, my i-products, my good looks…

Seriously, look around, you have so much. Later you will eat food grown by someone else, in a place you’ve never visited and using sunlight and rain you did not order. Whilst reading this you have been breathing air you did not purchase through lungs you did not create.

So I’m going to be thankful. I am going to align my attitude upwards, recognising that all the stuff I have, all the skills, the friends, the ambitions and so much else has been given to me. Thank you.

Secondly; Trust.

A long time ago, a teacher watched as a bunch of sparrows flew overhead and landed on a branch near where he was sat. Pointing the little birds out to the crowd that surrounded him he told them;

“See those tiny birds? They don’t know how to cook, they don’t go out to work, they have no grey hairs brought on by stress. They don’t panic, and yet each day they eat their full of food, they enjoy the company of fellow birds, they sleep in a nest under the magnificent stars…and they get to fly!

They are taken care of by God.

If he bothers taken care of those little birds, doesn’t it stand to simple reason that he will spend even more time and energy on taking care of you? So don’t worry, it doesn’t work anyway; just trust”

I’m going to give that a go this year. Trusting someone bigger and better than me to pull through when I need it as he is probably more able than me to provide for my needs.

Thirdly; Generosity

In light of the first two, it makes complete sense to be generous. To recognise that I have been blessed, and that passing it on is a good (maybe even Godly) thing to do.

An old proverb says “whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously”.

Generosity is a total flip round of the norm. Worrying about how much to give away, to whom to give it and how creatively to do it, rather than how much I can horde for myself. So this year I am going to try and get more generous. (Remember, God is watching, and if you start hanging around with me just to exploit this and benefit yourself, he might strike you down with lightening or something?!)

Why not try these financial flips yourself and see what happens?