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Remember when you took your GCSE’s and it was like nothing else mattered in the whole wide world?! All your effort and attention went on the exams, studying, and trying to convince your mum that you were revising enough. Then a funny thing happened…you took your exams, got your results and realised that the world had indeed moved on and you were on to the next thing in life and now you can’t even remember what grades you got.

So many things in life are like that. All consuming in the moment, but ultimately only temporary. All the importance they seem to have, the stress they cause quickly fades to the past and the next new thing looms on the horizon.

Observing this truth in life, one of the Bible writers mentions that ultimately, when everything else is passed, and all else has faded, only three things seem to remain of importance and of long-lasting significance.

Faith. Hope. Love.

These are 3 foundational principles of St Mark’s. We recognise that Faith is vital to life lived in all its fulness, and we know too that the object of that faith is important. Place your faith in the wrong thing and it is worthless. Place it in Jesus and it is of ultimate worth.
We also know that Hope is a rare commodity. Many people on our planet know what it is to live without hope, or to have it stolen from them. We aim to be a community that restores hope to the hopeless and brings joy to those who mourn.
We also believe that life is better lived together. A community of radical grace who like one another and hang out lots. That is a pretty good description of a church, we hope to live up to it.

If you like the sound of any of that, Why not join us?