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Prayer is the source of all good things. It is escaping the race while running another one faster. It is to breathe pure air rather than the toxic fumes. It is food for the soul, nourishment for the spirit. It appeals to Jesus, whose power is greater than ours, love is strong than ours and wisdom is higher than ours. It turns the impossible into reality.
This week we are praying as a church – each trying to spend an hour prying for each other, ourselves, our city and all things related to St Marks. Use either of the guides below to help steer you through the hour if you want…they are a starting point, don;t be constrained by them.
Download the sheet or watch the Prayer Walk on YouTube.


Click here for some top tips to help survive an hour of prayer…



Watch this ‘prayer walk’. An hour of worship and prayer guides 


Download this handy guide to walk you through your prayer time
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