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This month as we continue to read a little bit of the Bible each day we are reading through Romans. It’s a long, and at times complicate letter, so watch this as a little introduction, giving you some key insights to impress people with at dinner parties etc.

We had a blast getting away from it all for a weekend and enjoying a host of silly games, dancing and good food – get a taste of it here (the weekend, not the food!)  

This Half Term saw our busiest ever venue as we welcomed loads of guests to Make Lunch in three schools across the city. Thanks to our wonderful team of cooks, washer-uppers, play leaders and welcoming faces – and thanks to everyone who works so hard to make this happen.  

Our Cheer-On campaign exists simply to celebrate and encourage individuals and groups in the city who do amazing things, often without any thanks or reward. This month we are cheering on the heroes who serve us selflessly throughout the NHS. If you’ve ever been helped by a midwife, doc, nurse, surgeon, porter, dentist, receptionist or […]

Last weekend a few of our extended gang ran 5k along the streets of Central Milton Keynes to raise money for Make Lunch. Well done to everyone who ran / walked / crawled the course, and thank you to everyone who sponsored and donated. We raised a great total, over £1000 with GiftAid which will […]

This coming Sunday (25th Feb) we are gathering again with other Jesus followers from across the city to worship and to pray for the city. Join us, and, for extra bonus points, pitch up early to help out with welcoming people pouring through the door. Cornerstone Church Doors at 6:30 for a 7pm start

This week as we continue to read the Bible together we are camping out in John. Written by a guy called…er…John, this account of the life, adventures and teachings of Jesus is fascinating. Watch this clip to get some background and an overview of what’s going on as you read…    

This month we were blown away by Open Doors who came to visit us at The Call. Each month we gather with Christians from across MK to worship Jesus and pray for the church in our city. This month we were joined by Bishop Steven from Oxford and by Open Doors, who helped us to […]

At the start of Feb we will be reading through a letter in the Bible sent originally to the Colossian church. There is loads of interesting stuff for us to dig into with this one. Watch this clip to get a handle on what’s going on in the letter and what it all means.  

This week we are reading through the book of ‘Ecclesiastes’ This is part of the Wisdom Literature in the middle of the Bible. This clip is really helpful in understanding what the dickens is going on!…