Make Lunch

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Across the UK there’re millions of families struggling under the weight of poverty. In Milton Keynes One in Five children live in poverty.
That means in the average classroom, 6 children are not focussing on what the teacher is saying because they are focussing on a grumbling tummy. Studies show that if you spend your whole education career struggling with hunger, you will leave school with an education level five years behind where it should be…which makes it harder to get a job, which makes it harder to buy food, which makes it harder to feed your children, which makes it harder for them to listen to their teacher…the cycle continues.
Of course, Breakfast Clubs and School Lunches help fill tummies during term time, but then the holidays come, which can be long, hard and hungry times for many families.
‘Make Lunch’ is a project, based in schools or local Children’s Centres during the school holidays. We aim to provide a hot and delicious free meal for children and their families, with play activities for kids and a friendly face to chat with the adults.
If you would like to know more, or join the team, please get in touch with the form below…We need all hands on deck!