Christmas Invite Outside

We are big fans of Christmas and so have a few different events going on over the festive season. There is a seat with your name on it if you want to come join in any of the celebrations.
Sunday 2nd December
Advent pt 2…what on earth is advent and what does it mean?
10:30, MK College, Silbury Blvd, MK9 1LT
Sunday 9th December
Christmas Jumper Sunday.
Throw on your seasonal knitwear (or earrings, or leggings or socks) and join us for a morning of Christmas fun, the Vicar’s Christmas Message, our Annual Christmas Cracker Awards and more.
10:30, MK College, Silbury Blvd, MK9 1LT
Sunday 16th December
Christmas Carols.
Join us to sing some of your favourite carols, hear the story of Christmas and unleash all the festive feels. Some people wear festive gear to this. Some people are party poopers.
Afterwards there will be crepes, hot chocolates and mulled wine (plus other surprises)
16:00, Herons Lodge, MK8 9AA
Sunday 23rd December
Christmas Eve eve
Christmas Coffee, Christmas Mince Pies, Christmas Carols, Christmas Games, Christmas Craft and Christmas Communion.
10:30, Herons Lodge, MK8 9AA