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Any crisis always clarifies values and priorities. Things which seem important suddenly seem less so, and visa-versa. During the last few months we have realised just how much we enjoy hanging out and spending time together – it is so important for our minds, bodies and souls. This term, as long as we are able […]

We have been discussing how to build a “trellis” in our lives throughout this term – structures which will help create a life on which fruit can hang, fruit like grace, joy and meaning. As we arrive at the summer break, here are some recommendations for further reading and some places to go for more […]

You came into our family 5 days before Christmas 2017. I am going to be honest I didn’t know how to care for your beautiful hair, but I knew I needed to learn fast. A schoolmate of one of our other children helped by educating me that you needed to add moisture rather than get […]

The unprovoked and senseless killing of George Floyd was, tragically not an isolated incident. He wasn’t the first innocent black person killed in America that month. His death though has shone a glaring light on the injustice and racism which is systematic and rampant. It is in all of us. Our job here is not […]

If you know me, then you will know that I am not a better leader than you, but am writing in the hope that I might be an encouragement to you.  If you don’t know me personally but got passed this by someone else, let me assure you, I am not a better leader than […]

We’ve been scared for a long time.  The global political tactic of the last few years has been purposefully to create fear and mis-trust. We have been told to fear the people who come from other countries and cultures and the problems that they will cause. We have grown to fear those who look different, […]

We are the kind of church where normally two things are true; There is a lot of obvious stuff to do The brilliant people who make up St Marks dive in and do what needs doing.  Sometimes it’s unloading a van, pouring coffee, shifting piles of chairs or sitting on the floor to draw pictures […]

I heard a guy speaking recently about the tree at the centre of the story of Eve and Adam (don’t switch off…it’s a story!) Anyway, he pointed out that humanity was told not to eat the fruit from the tree at the centre of the garden as it would give them knowledge.  (Spoiler alert) They […]

Each week while distanced from one another we are setting a challenge for the church to have a go at. Here is this week’s post-easter challenge.

Remember the olden days when you could catch a plane? Before take off, while everyone is settling into their seats, arranging their snacks and praying that the person in front will never recline their seat, the cabin crew take up their positions along the aisle for the safety announcement. During this time they will demonstrate […]