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Remember the olden days when you could catch a plane? Before take off, while everyone is settling into their seats, arranging their snacks and praying that the person in front will never recline their seat, the cabin crew take up their positions along the aisle for the safety announcement. During this time they will demonstrate […]

With Corona everything is changing…and we are no exception. Here is all the info you need. If you would like help from the Foodbank Extra, you can call them on 01908 565 852

In his book ‘Canoeing in the Mountains’, Tod Bolsinger tells the story of American adventurers Meriweather Lewis and William Clark.  Commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson to explore the West of America, finding a river-route across the continent linking the two oceans, the explorers and their small army set off. In canoes.   Because why wouldn’t you? […]

Each week while all physically distant from each other, we have a challenge for everyone to compete in. Here is the first one with all the details you need.

Each year we have a Sunflower growing competition. Well, we did it last year and thought it would be fun to do again. The seeds were given out on the 22nd March, and the competition officially started then, but you can join in whenever you are able if you want to. The rules are simple. […]

  While the world is standing on its head all of a sudden, we are finding joy in connecting together still. Our Village is vital to our health, our lives and our faith. This Sunday we Zoomed together for the first time. It won’t be the last! Let’s be honest, it all feels strange, scary […]

This month as we continue to read a little bit of the Bible each day we are reading through Romans. It’s a long, and at times complicate letter, so watch this as a little introduction, giving you some key insights to impress people with at dinner parties etc.

We had a blast getting away from it all for a weekend and enjoying a host of silly games, dancing and good food – get a taste of it here (the weekend, not the food!)  

This Half Term saw our busiest ever venue as we welcomed loads of guests to Make Lunch in three schools across the city. Thanks to our wonderful team of cooks, washer-uppers, play leaders and welcoming faces – and thanks to everyone who works so hard to make this happen.  

Our Cheer-On campaign exists simply to celebrate and encourage individuals and groups in the city who do amazing things, often without any thanks or reward. This month we are cheering on the heroes who serve us selflessly throughout the NHS. If you’ve ever been helped by a midwife, doc, nurse, surgeon, porter, dentist, receptionist or […]